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Goodbuyfloors Vinyl Flooring

Goodbuyfloors vinyl flooring UK is an amazing range of technical flooring  that combines the most advanced technologies and design to produce a system of durable and modern floors.

Due to its characteristics and high resistance it is perfect for all types of spaces. It is produced in 25 designs which are available in 3 different bases depending on customer needs in terms of price and use.

HDF: Antistatic Flooring produced with Uniclic system to provide quick and easy installation.

H2O: This floor is produced with a rigid PVC base ensuring 100% water resistance. It is perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Our H2O products can be installed together creating a perfect union with our HDF products.

H2O Light: This floor is 100% waterproof and perfect for all types of installations.

The range of Goodbuyfloors vinyl flooring UK brings simplicity in design and installation, creating a modern or traditional space depending on your chosen decoration.


Goodbuyfloors vinyl uses technology of vinyl design, which results in very realistic and authentic colours with deeper and developed surface structures. Most varied designs are also achieved:  metals, cements, ceramics, leather, etc. creating endless possibilities.

Warm and Real

Due to its chemical composition and manufacturing process, vinyl provides great warmth, similar to real wood rather than laminate. The surface temperature is a very important feature for comfort.

Abrasion resistance

In this aspect, laminates are highly resistant because of the chemical composition of the protective layer. The traditional vinyl is not as strong, but this range improves this feature, because it has a protective layer of PU with excellent results.

Impact resistance

For this characteristic, vinyl performs much better than any laminate. On the surface it has 2mm of flexible vinyl creating a perfect impact performance.


Due to the vinyl chemical composition, no appreciable static electricity is generated. In comparison to laminates, this is a great advantage of comfort.

Fire resistance

This vinyl has excellent fire resistance. According to EN 13501-1, is classified as BflS1, while most laminates have CflS1.

Water resistance

This vinyl flooring offers excellent resistance against water on its surface. Water does not leak through the joints as in laminate, but it will evaporate. Depending on the core we use it can be 100% waterproof.

Noise reduction

The composition of this vinyl offers a great noise reduction; in both transmitted and reflected noise. The result is excellent because of the elastic vinyl layer and especially to the lower layer of cork. An excellent advantage for hotels, clubs or places where a significant noise reduction is needed.


The Uniclic system ensures easy installation, but the real advantage over laminate is the stability of the product. Installation is guaranteed up to 200m2 without dilatation joints. In addition, the perfect union of the joints, and the elasticity of vinyl, give a sense of continuous flooring.


Due to all these features, an excellent comfort is achieved when walking on the vinyl flooring.

Please visit our vinyl flooring UK department today. You will not be disappointed.


About us

Goodbuyfloors is a laminate/parquet distribution company with more than 45 years experience. We specialize in all types of laminate flooring, parquet wood, vinyl flooring and exterior. Our philosophy is QUALITY and VALUE