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Laminate flooring has been used for more than 40 years but due to modern technologies laminate flooring today is more advanced than ever. Here at Goodbuyfloors Laminate Flooring UK we are driven to offering our clients good prices but also good quality. For this reason all our laminate products are produced by large well known EUROPEAN manufacturers, ensuring absolute top quality in every single m2 that we sell. We work with several manufacturers allowing us to offer our customers a large palette of colour, design and texture catering to every taste. 

Home owners tend to be choosing laminate flooring more due to its excellent abrasion resistance, easy installation and easy maintenance. At Goodbuyfloors Laminate Flooring UK we intend to give every client the perfect service as if you were in a shop but with the convenience of shopping at home. For this reason each laminate décor has a description and all the information that you require to make an informed choice. AC rating, sizes, guarantee, m2 per box, technical information, photos and installation video. You can also order up to 4 free samples that will be delivered to your door within 4/5 working days. At Goodbuyfloors we work with large stocks so that every order can be dispatched within 24 hours.

How to choose your laminate flooring?

When beginning this process there are many variables which need to be considered. Firstly budget, in Goodbuyfloors we have several ranges with distinctive pricing allowing great choice for every budget, we even cater for those searching for cheap laminate in our cheap laminate flooring UK department. Please visit our outlet.

Once you have an idea of budget you need to consider the locations where your flooring will be installed and this will enable you to make decisions regarding its AC rating. AC rating is an independent test which provides all laminate flooring with an Abrasion Class (AC), each class defines the durability of the flooring and where it should be installed to maximise its long term use.

In Goodbuyfloors we offer the following abrasion classes:

AC3: Can be installed throughout the home in areas of low traffic. Fantastic for home use.

AC4: Can be installed in the home and also commercial applications with medium traffic.

AC5: Heavy commercial. Can be used for heavy traffic, for example; Shops, bars, restaurants, etc

AC6: NEW RANGE 2015!!!! These products can withstand all types of traffic and have a 35 year guarantee. Perfect choice for shops or offices.

These classes define the usage and abrasion resistance of each laminate flooring. AC3 laminate has a lower guarantee than an AC6, but will still perform and look fantastic in 10 years. Some clients choose a higher rating to get the maximum life expectancy out of their laminate flooring. If you have children, pets and high traffic it is advisable to choose a higher AC rating. If you should have doubts please contact us via email and we can provide you with more technical information.

Once you have chosen your laminate flooring you should also consider installation. All our laminates come with the easy to install clic system; this allows an easy and fast installation. Remember when installing that you need to have a suitable surface for laying and a suitable underlay underneath your laminate to allow maximum comfort. If you require any more information regarding installation please contact our installation expert by email and we can help with any queries or doubts you may have. 

Once you have selected your laminate our page will automatically offer you all the accessories that you will require to make the perfect installation, these include underlay, skirting and profiles.

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain and we have a selection of cleaning products which will enable your flooring to look as good as the day it was installed.

Now that you have all the information you can relax and enjoy choosing your perfect laminate for your home. On our team we have a design expert who can help with any design queries you may have.


About us

Goodbuyfloors is a laminate/parquet distribution company with more than 45 years experience. We specialize in all types of laminate flooring, parquet wood, vinyl flooring and exterior. Our philosophy is QUALITY and VALUE