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Interior design service

To help you choose the best floor for your home or buisness, we offer advice on interior design of the famous and prestigious interior designer Ana López de la casa.

If you have any inquiries regarding your floor, you can contact her at interiorismo@goodbuyfloors.com and with a maximum of 48 hours, she will answer personally.

To give you an idea, this is an example of mail conversation between Ana and a client:

Customer: Hi, I'm reforming my house and I would like to install a nice floor but I'm not sure regarding the color and quality I have to choose. Can you give me a hand? I must tell you that I like light colors and also I want to paint the walls, change the doors and reform the kitchen. I really would like to know your opinion. Thank you! Esther


ANA: Hi Esther! Thank you for you mail. I have some questions for you as I need more information. For example, Do you live in a city ? How many rooms does your house have? Have you got kids and pets ? What colors do you prefer? Could you send me the plan of your home ans some photographs? I await your reply ASAP.


CLIENT:. Hi Ana No problem, I'll answer all your questions: I live in Barcelona in an  85 m2 apartment, I have 4 bedrooms (two doubles), two children aged 4 and 8 and also a small dog. As I said, I love the light colors or grey tones, too. For your information, I attached the plan of my house and some cute photographs.


ANA: Great, that's fantastic! Esther, you have a very bright and beautifully furnished home, congratulations!
As you have a pet and two little kids, I would recommend you to buy laminate or vinyl flooring. If you want to reform the kitchen, I suggest you 8mm thick vinyl flooring. For the rest of the house, you can install the same floor finish but in HDF which is more economical and it doesn't need to be waterproof.
In addition, I would suggest the following reference: Endless Synchro ICE H2O Splash 8 mm thickness (for cooking) and the same but in HDF: Endless Synchro ICE 10 mm (for the rest of the house). You can correct the level difference between an 2 mm underlay. Furthermore, I should tell you that the color of Endless Synchro ICE is grey and it's very clean.

If you are thinking about asking for free samples, please do it in our www.goodbuyfloor.co.uk webpage. I promise we will send it to you in two days without any shipping charge.

CUSTOMER: Thank you Ana! I have received both pavement samples and the color that you have advised me is fantastic..., so now is clear! Thank you very much for all the advice, I appreciate it a lot. Kind regards, Esther

ANA: You are welcome Esther! Don't forget to send me some photos when you have finished your floor remodelation. Big hugs!

In Goodbuyfloors we want to help you choosing the correct floor suitable for your home and for this reason, we offer you professional advice. Ask for us and we will help you.


About us

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